Welcome to The Power of Mothers

Mothers are the most powerful influence for good on the earth today.
Within your hands lies the very future of the world!
We welcome you and recognize the value of your priceless contribution to the nation, society, your families and those dear ones with whom you interact each day, your children.
During your time with us, you will discover through scientific research, as well as supernal teachings of truth, how important you really are as a Mother.
Join us as we strengthen one another and Mothers around the world, experiencing~
“The Power of Mothers!"

Shelly Locke ~ CEO
The Power of Mothers



The Magnificence of Motherhood

In all the world there shall not be, a greater being than is 'Mother.' For she alone it is who holds her child's heart within her hands, and makes it into what it will someday be. And so the whole world goes, moulded and shaped out by Mothers in their hands, the tender lives of children formed in such a way, as to be magnificent and great. For the Mother's rich abode, lies within her arms and every child safe there, feels the same~ that they are indelibly impressed by her goodness and her strength, to be cared for and protected as they grow~ To look up to her for nourishment and inspiration for their good.

For the words of Mothers gently shared, caressed upon the mind, find their way into the whole wide world as the children find their way and thus become, all that they were meant to be, because she cared, because she took the time to share her wisdom and her grace, passed on through generations for all time, to benefit thereby and thus lift up the Mother's brimming heart, to serve the future by her love.

These are the tenets of all life~ That she go on forever in her realm, because the Flame of Motherhood goes on, passed on from heart to heart as they kindle by their warmth, the greatness in each person on the earth.

Let us arise to protect this fragile Flame of Life, that it continues burning brightly for mankind.
For as the Mother goes, so goes the world and her desperate plight indeed, needs our immediate care, as we encircle her with arms of loving strength, protected for all time, that she goes forth, unimpeded in her sphere, to light the world ablaze by her magnificence and majesty aloft.
For she occupies the place that no other ever fills and each child in her care, is blessed to incorporate her gifts, her talents and her worth.

Let the Flame of Motherhood burn bright as she ascends the pinnacle of heights, placed there in honor, by mankind. Let us revere her for her loving sacrifice, find grandeur and the beauty in the world, because we first saw beauty through her eyes!

Let us therefore resolve to keep the Mothers safe from the ills of life, that she goes on, to perform her noble role and make the world a better place by her nobility and grace.


Worldwide Motherhood Initiative

Mothers of the world deserve our greatest respect, our protection and our care.

For Mothers Are~

The Bringers of the Future
The Seedbed of Society
The Link to Generations Past and Those Yet to Come

For she holds the key to all the goodness on the earth and deserves our highest praise, our deepest devotion and the commitment of our hearts, to further her great works upon this earth. To this end we have developed the Worldwide Motherhood Initiative to bring awareness and thus further guard against the atrocities that unfortunately face Mothers in our day.

They are~
Motherhood Mortality~Derived from insufficient maternal medical attention in her time of greatest need.

Denigration of the Role of Motherhood~Derived from too little emphasis placed on the sacred role of Motherhood and her vital contribution to the world.

Maternal Poverty~Derived from the deprivation of much needed support as she provides for the future generation, leading to infant and childhood mortality.

To learn more about this important movement please visit the link on the right side of the page.
Please join us as we promote, protect and proudly defend Motherhood in all its nobility.
To schedule a presentation of The Worldwide Motherhood Initiative in your area, please contact us. 

Mothers Matter: Featured Story

Somewhere to Nowhere
By Nyandeng Aleu

Nyandeng Photo


My name is Nyandeng.
I am a refugee from South Sudan. I had to flee due to war in Sudan. I went across the various borders of Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya.
During this time I lost my father, brother, sister, my son, friend and relatives due to war atrocities.
I spent most of my early life running from somewhere to nowhere, separated or lost from family.
I witnessed and survived shootings, bombings, starvation, tortures, living among wild animals without shelter all the time, no food and water.
I had a baby in the forest and cut the cord with bamboo and had nothing to cover my baby with.
High stress and trauma were constant.
I lost hope of being able to survive.
God helped us to survive all these trials and difficulties.
I left the Kenyan refugee camp with five children and my nephew.
We came to Salt Lake City. I was willing to adapt to the new environment and culture.
I began taking ESL classes and my children went to school.
I was exhausted most of the time working and going to school.
This was difficult as a single mother but I knew that I needed to provide an example for my children of the benefits of hard work and a quality education.
My two sons are now in college, one of them in medical school and I have earned my Associate's degree from the community college.
I now help other refugees with their English as they make the transition to their new lives.


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