Cherish the Children
By Shelly Locke

An inspirational work revealing the supernal role of Motherhood.

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What are people saying about this book?Cherish the Children Book Cover

"I wish every Mother could read this beautiful work, and then dedicate their lives to the greatest, most effective use of their time on this earth. If all Mothers could catch the vision of Cherish the Children they would find joy beyond measure as they nurture and train each child diligently in the worth of every soul in the sight of God."

Mary Ellen Smoot
LDS General Relief Society President, 1997-2002


"In a time when the role of parenthood is increasingly under attack, the world needs more books like Cherish the Children, a voice of recognition that Motherhood and Fatherhood are not only the cornerstones of personal happiness, but of a healthy society."

Richard Paul Evans
#1 New York Times bestselling author


"Mothers are the heart and soul of every life they touch. In them lies the beauty, depth and grandeur of life. Cherish the Children is an inspirational expression of the importance of a Mother's work."

Jane Clayson Johnson
Network Correspondent, Author, Mother


"In Cherish the Children, Shelly has captured the beauty, the universal truths, and the transcendent spirit of Motherhood. She continues to inspire Mothers AND Fathers from all continents as she has done in during our World Congress of Families events. Her message calls attention to our most significant and most difficult role in life-- raising the leaders of the next generation who are the future of our society."

Lawrence D. Jacobs
Managing Director, World Congress of Families
Vice President, The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society

Reflections of Readers

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"Cherish the Children is a supremely unique and powerful book!  Each sentence is filled with light and wisdom.  I love to reach it slowly in small portions and then ponder the truths through out the day.  Cherish the Children has a power to bring peace, joy, and perspective that lifts a Mother to higher levels.  It was words of this book that put a label and vision to my life mission."
Melanie Ballard, Moms Retreat 

"God's Handbook for Mothers. This might perhaps be a suitable sub-title for the book, "Cherish the Children", by Shelly Locke. The first time I read this book, I wept because my children didn't have such a perfect mother to raise them. But God enlightened my heart and soul and helped me to realize that learning is eternal. All of the things we learn in this life will rise with us in the resurrection. I read the book a second time and thought of many ways I could apply the heavenly principles I was learning. I have grandchildren, and my relationship with them could be improved and strengthened by applying these principles. I teach young children at church each Sunday. My classes have been greatly improved after reading "Cherish the Children." My relationships with my grown children have been enriched beyond my wildest hopes. In short, my life has been changed by this book.

"I don't want this to sound irreverent to the sacred Scriptures, but this book reads to me like God's scripture for mothers. I wish every woman could prayerfully read "Cherish the Children" and receive the divine gift of the Spirit to help them become the woman and mother that God intends for them to be. I am sure you will want to read it over and over again as I have. Your lives will be blessed here and in the eternities. I am sure of it.
"Cherish the Children" gets my most heartfelt and profound endorsement!"
Nancy W. Verschoor



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