Motherhood Speeches



Sydney Address- May 2013

In the annals of all time, there never shall have been such times as these, when more is needed of mankind, in the saving of the human family. For these are treacherous times in which we live, with intrigue to destroy on every side. But we can make a difference, we can be the instruments of God upon the earth for bringing to pass, the purposes of God, which are to honor home and family and the sacred role of Motherhood throughout the earth. For we are those, called upon to carry forth the banner of all life, all liberty and the pursuit of the noble cause of Family.
Much hangs in the balance and we must be ready for the fight, or all is lost. I commend you for your valiant efforts in behalf of family in whatever way, you have dedicated your life to in its protection. Thank you for joining us for this time together. 

The powerful effect that Mothers have on every society in which they live, is immeasurable and vast. They shape the cradle of society, bringing to each life, the set of values, virtues and the ethos that will shape each life as it comes into human form. For it is the Mother who first stamps her image on the newborn child; of love, of acceptance, of the grace of God, to live out their lives as God intended by her love. She does this by her sweet embrace, her tender touch and the tone of voice that speaks of heaven and echoes out its gentleness upon the soul.

For Mothers are the soul of God on Earth, His representatives, His love incarnate as they bring forth the precious children of His heart. He loves them so and wants for every child to reside in the loving arms of Mothers who see themselves as noble daughters of that God, imbued with gifts and talents, unique in all mankind, to women, to Mothers.
For He has endowed them as their Creator with gifts and talents rare, that these sublime gifts might be used in the pursuit of the greatest happiness and fulfillment in this life, that of raising, nurturing and strengthening God’s children as they come to Earth to live out their lives in the loving arms of Mothers. For in the annals of all time, there never shall have been such times as these, it is true, when more is needed by mankind of what Mothers give to every society in which they live. For Mothers shape the nations, by bringing to their world, the moral fiber of society and every aspect of the human heart is better because of a Mother’s indelible impress. 

For she it is who inculcates the values and the humanistic feelings of empathy, of charity, of compassion for another, seeing to the well-being of all, that drive a life along a path of nobility and worth. For thus inculcated, a moral compass is established as the guiding point of life forevermore, placed there by a Mother’s gentle care, her guidance and her unflagging dedication to the shaping of that life for good.

This is the gift of Motherhood to her unborn child; that the child lives and thrives and grows, that she may be an instrument for good upon it, every day and every way, as the young child looks to her for identity, for guidance and direction throughout life. One never grows too old to take advice from a loving Mother, full of wisdom and of grace.

And by this dedication to the shaping of the life, she too shapes the nation.

For every child grown to adulthood, becomes a contributing member of society, based on what she has taught them. Their contribution can either be ennobling, or denigrating, depending on and determined out by her influence and her love. Our penitentiaries are filled to capacity with those who never knew a Mother’s tender touch, her gentle caress and her words of wisdom gently laid down on the human soul. A Mother wields a mighty influence over man, as she lifts and builds and inspires to become the person that her God meant him to be.
And we are all the better for her grace, her divinely inspired intervention in the lives she influences for good.
For the power of a Mother’s love surpasses all other forms of love on earth, and brings to pass the miracles of life through her sacrifice and service to the children she holds dear.
For sacrifice is the sanctifier of that love and thus it becomes the greatest force on earth for God’s purposes to fulfill within the lives of His children that He loves.

She is the manifestation of God’s love upon the earth. The representation that there is love in the world, that we can reach for and become our higher selves, as we struggle on through life, pressing to achieve, because she first believed in us and all we could become.
Mothers hold the key to the secret of all life; that God is the Author of all love, and Mothers are the conduit of that love. This fact changes everything. For without a Mother’s love the whole world goes awry, first the child’s world, then the community’s, then the entire world as a whole.  
How many world leaders can we point to, who by their Mother’s inspiration, made this world a better place; And how many can we point to, where the opposite is true, where tyrants reigned in tyranny and death, because the values so dearly needed in that life, were never planted, never cultivated, never formulated into that life, and many perished by the absence of that life-altering impress. This is the power of Mothers, to shape society, one life at a time, one timeless inculcation of the nobleness of God upon that life.

For we are all children of that God, whose image we bear and whose grandeur we display when brought to a knowledge of it by a Mother’s love.
Into the fabric of society is woven, the Mother’s greatest influence, as she sends forth the tender lives which she has so carefully molded in her time with each one of them in her care.
She alone it is who brings to light their gifts, who recognizes their strengths and capacities to serve in the many ways that they were meant to contribute to this life.
As she nourishes and strengthens, they become— And the world is never quite the same again, as she sends forth the future, ready to be shaped, improved and built up, based on all that they have learned at her knee. From the moment that child is born, and that first loving connection is made, the child beings to know who shapes their world.
For it is she, who fills the demand for nourishment, for love, for the unending set of needs to be fulfilled. And by this filling up, the child grows, steadfast, strong and straight as the life fills in and greatness then takes root. For the emptiness that the absence of this dedication brings, cannot be replaced by man in any form. 
For it is by the assurety that we are loved for who we are, that gives light and strength to all we do.

And thus, society is better off than it was before, by the contribution made by the well-formed life, ready and prepared in every way, to give back the love received by one who cared, one who took the time to measure out into that life, the meaning of all life, to its fullest extent in the form of the gracious love of God. These are the tenets of all life; that the Mother’s role is irreplaceable and great, that she alone it is who bears the future generations, who brings her country greatness by her contribution rare, divine, in the bringing forth of the generations that will fill the nation’s need for artists, scientists, physicians; people, who in turn love as she did, making the world a better place by far because she took the time to care, to instill upon a life, the lifelong values of the goodness of mankind. These are the gifts of Motherhood, priceless, irreplaceable, divine. And we determine out the future of our world, as we support her, or-- deny her holy role. For she looks to us to preserve her role, protect her place, and bring to pass the purpose of her life, as she is allowed to perform the most important work on earth, the shaping of the generations of mankind.

I encourage all of us, to serve the best interest of Mothers everywhere we are. Honor her, respect her, show deference to her role and let it not be denigrated further by denying her the value she deserves. Let us join forces in this effort to reinstate the noble role of Motherhood in every nation, every clime, that we might be the reason for: The improvement of mankind, 
The increase in the quality of society at large, and The sweeping change that can be made as Mothers are allowed to fulfill their God given role; to bring forth and raise the generations of the earth, shaping out mankind and all that this implies.

Thank you for your kind attention and the many ways in which you improve the lives around you, by your dedication and your love of family, of life and of the preservation of the values we hold dear. And if The Power of Mothers can help you in any of your endeavors, it would be an honor to be part of your great work.
Thank you.

Shelly Locke
CEO ~ The Power of Mothers


 A Mother's Love


A Mother's love is quite unequal to the other loves on earth.
For it holds the secret of all life. It radiates the goodness and the comfort of all life, and blesses out mankind in every way there is.
For a Mother's love is bold and fearless in defense of her sweet child. It fosters loving kindness in the children of her heart. But most of all, Mother's Love gives the confidence and strength to the young ones by her side, as she inculcates her value of their significance and worth into their lives. The more of this love a child receives, the more equipped they are in life to succeed. For in the Mother's Love lies the power to perform the works of life—The power to give back to humankind, the power to release within the tender heart, the vision and the dedication to the purpose of that life and it thus becomes the very work of God, that life was intended to become.
The power of Mother's love sees the impossible achieved. The strength of Mother's love—that indomitable force, becomes the cornerstone upon which other lives can build and become, and thus, achieve the very pinnacle of heights, because of the foundation stones of life, placed there by the wisdom, grandeur, and beauty of that love.
The greatest force for good on earth is the love of Mothers who change everything by the instilling of this good. And by her dedication to the preservation of the lives entrusted to her care, this love becomes the driving force of all life upon the earth. The protection of the lives, through a Mother's love, lends to acts of heroism, unparalleled in the history of mankind. For she sees the future in that child and holds dearly to the bands of life, which that future is, and tenaciously she sees that future on, no matter what the cost to her own life, her comfort or well-being. This is the unrecognized, unheralded heroism of a Mother's love, that through her sacrifice, the future marches on, unimpeded in its course to build mankind and insure that the generations yet to come, have a place to rest their precious heads, in the arms of loving Mothers who recognize and embrace the importance of their roles as the Bringers of Mankind and the Shapers of the Future of the Lives.
All of us owe debts of gratitude to the valiant Mothers gone before, who stood steadfast in their determination to see their children through and by the power of their love, saw their mission thus complete, as the lives they launched, went on to become the beacons for mankind to whom others look for strength for love, for light, for understanding, because it was instilled into that life by a Mother's gentle love.
The hands of time shall long recount the very gift of Mothers who shaped the nations, who carved out the future by their sacrifice and love. And when the history of mankind is laid down on the pages of the annals for all time, it shall be the Mothers' stalwart service, sacrifice and selflessness that shines out from those pages for all mankind to see, that everything depended on a Mother's love—The kind of love that money cannot buy and no one can replace nor replicate in any other form.
For the Mother stands as the bright and shining pillar of the center of all life from whom radiates the greatest source of power to create the future full of hope and beauty and of love—one generation at a time, sparked and spurred on, by the loving, willing hearts of Mothers.
This is the power of a Mother's love. Simply stated it encompasses everything that's needed for a life to be whole and complete, to have a proper sense of self and one's relation to mankind as a contributor of all things good in the society of man. For she tempers and she trains, she guides and she conducts the lives upon the path of integrity, of graciousness and strength, that by her virtues and her love, is the whole of humankind made better by her civilizing influence for good.
And thus the generations then go on, to embrace all that is fine and worthy in a life, because of her influence through love, seeing to the child's every need, wanting to supply, willing to see that life fulfilled and comforted, enshrined as unique and wonderful and something more than her own. For that life is her gift to the future, and thus her protection of that future, by her love. All mankind can freely laud her name and sing her praises from the highest places, for she serves the generations yet to come, that they are assured a chance to have their place and fulfill their lives of promise by her love.
Let us honor Motherhood as we should. Let us appreciate the Mother's mighty role, as the progenitor of life, as the wellspring of all goodness that she is when she recognizes her own worth and her value and importance to mankind, one child at a time, through her abiding love; The greatest force on earth for good!


Shelly Locke
CEO- The Power of Mothers

Motherhood Matters

Who Needs Mothers? Everyone!
Shelly Locke—The Power of Mothers

  In light of the recent statement levied by the US Department of Justice, that "Children do not need a Mother and have no right to one" The Power of Mothers makes this response:

We as the Mothers are the Bringers of All Life and all mankind resides within our hands.  For there even to be children on the earth, they need a Mother first and foremost, to bring them into life! From there, it is the Mother who supplies the very nourishment and strength that sustains that life in every way, from the physical nutrition to the nurturing that builds that life in every way there is.
For the ways of Motherhood, engender on that life, the impress of beauty, tenderness, a sense of self, a regard for one's fellowman, the tools necessary for that life to succeed!
 Mothers bear within their souls, the spark of life, cultivated throughout the generations, which shapes the tender child, to form a life—magnificent and great.  Without the Mother's influence for good, all humanity goes awry.  For she is the Seedbed of all Life—The Inculcator of the Virtues and the values that hold society together, and thus instilled, she lights the world ablaze, by her goodness and her grace, and lays down the path for all mankind to follow, that society thus flourishes and thrives.
Hers is an irreplaceable role, full of richness and the definition of all life.  For with a Mother's love, the soul is nurtured, brought to bear for the life that it should be.  Without a Mother's gentle guiding hand, the child's life is bereft of all that's good. 

Who needs Mothers? Everyone! Every child of mankind—Every  Nation of the Earth—Every culture clime and creature!

For the future of all time, hangs here in the balance; and without the Mothers of the Earth, there simply isn't one!

The Mother's Call To Arms

Mothers of the Earth Arise! Take on your noble sphere.
Stand strong in the conviction of your value and your worth. 
For all mankind is indebted unto you.  From the least unto the greatest all started out with Mothers!
Our times stand in peril and we must stand together to build the framework of our lives on Motherhood—That the whole world comes to see, the greatness of her role, carried out from generations gone before.  
We are the Bringers of Mankind, The Shapers of the Lives and the Hope of the Future of the Earth! 
We occupy a place unique in the promulgation of mankind.
"For as the Mother goes, so goes the Nation." (The Worldwide Motherhood Initiative 2013)
Her character truly shapes the future for all time.
Let us band together, as the Mothers of the Earth, to speak out for the rights of children to possess the love of Mothers, to possess the strength of Mothers, and the indelible impress, she imprints upon each life.  For she leaves a mark upon a life to be sure and all mankind is blessed by her station, by her service and her love. Join with us at The Power of Mothers to make your voices heard for Motherhood, for her inimitable role and we will send a message loud and clear that Mothers Matter Everywhere—To Everyone! 
That without us, all mankind is simply lost!
And those who bring disgrace to Mothers shall bear the shame of it for all time immemorial, as they besmirch the holy name of God, every time they do.
For Mothers are the instruments of God, the vessels of His love to the children He holds dear.  
and firm in your conviction to serve proudly in your role as Mothers of the Earth, united in the cause of humankind.
To bring to pass a future bright and clear, where all shall be granted out the freedom, the protection and the right to a Mother's love, who is ever born upon the Earth! 

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